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R25.00 per student per year*:

This subscription allows teachers and learners access to a selection of online dictionaries that focuses on their daily language needs. Dictionary work is simplified as there is no need to look up words in alphabetical order.

  • Afrikaans-Engels/English-Afrikaans Dictionary (Pharos 2010)
  • Bilingual School Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Pharos 2016)
  • Junior Bilingual School Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Pharos 2018)
  • English Dictionary for South African Schools (Pharos 2015)
  • Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek (Labuschagne & Eksteen 2010)
  • Spreekwoorde en Waar Hulle Vandaan Kom (Prinsloo 2009)
  • ’n Dief aan die kers (Prinsloo 2013)
  • South African Multilingual Dictionary (Pharos 2015)
  • Tesourus van Afrikaans (De Stadler & De Stadler 2021)
  • Sinonieme en verwante woorde (Buro van die WAT 2006)
  • Popular Northern Sotho (Kriel, Prinsloo & Sathekge 1997)
  • English-Xhosa (Pharos 1998)
  • Afrikaans-Xhosa (Pharos 1998)

The Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreëls, Skryf Afrikaans van A tot Z and the Pharos Afrikaansgids can also be added to this subscription at an additional cost.



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