Privacy Policy

  1. NB has to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. No personal information will be disclosed to third parties without the user’s permission or due process.
  2. NB is authorised to gather, store and use the following information: Name and surname, Date of birth, Sex, Citizenship, Nearest city, Non-personal click patterns, Email address, IP address, and ID or passport number. This information is either gathered electronically through the use of “cookies”, or provided by you voluntarily. You can regulate the use of “cookies” independently with your personal search engine settings.
  3. By using this website you consent to NB compiling, storing and using your personal information to communicate with you from time to time. You may indicate if you do not wish to receive such communications.
  4. NB may compile, use and share any information that has no bearing on any particular individual, and NB owns and reserves the right to non-personal statistical information gathered and compiled by NB.
  5. NB may not make any of your personal details public unless you have agreed to it, or unless it is required for the purposes of any judicial process.