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A person whose job is to put out accidental fires or those caused deliberately as a criminal act.

Pharos English Dictionary for South African Schools

Did you know?

The first female firefighter in an official capacity was Molly Williams. Williams was a slave in New York City who became a member of the Oceanus Engine Company #11 in 1815. She was also the team's cook. in 1818 New York City was hit by an influenza epidemic and a blizzard which reportedly took out just about every male member of the New York Fire Department. For a period, Williams was the only available firefighter in the city. 

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Afrikaans-Engels/English-Afrikaans Dictionary (Pharos 2010)
Bilingual School Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Pharos 2016)
English Dictionary for South African Schools (Pharos 2015)
Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek (Labuschagne & Eksteen 2010)
South African Multilingual Dictionary (Pharos 2015)
English/Afrikaans/Zulu/Xhosa Aid (Uys 2002)
English/Afrikaans/Northern Sotho/Tswana Aid (Uys 2008)
Groot Woordeboek Afrikaans en Nederlands (Pharos 2011)
Afrikaans-Japannese Woordeboek (Kotzé 2015)
Tesourus van Afrikaans (De Stadler & De Stadler 2007)
Sinonieme en verwante woorde (Buro van die WAT 2006)
Lys Klassieke Eiename – Eng./Afr. (Taalkommissie 1984)
New Business Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Geldenhuys & Viljoen-Smook 2009)
Dictionary of Economics and Business – Eng./Afr. (Steenkamp & Reynders 2004)
Property Economics – Eng./Afr. (Rode 2005)
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of short-term insurance – Eng./Afr. (Lindstrom 2012)
Woordeboek van Regs- en Handelsterme – Eng./Afr. explanatory (Smuts & Smuts 1992)
Mathematics Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (SA Akademie 1987)
Building Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (SA Akademie 1960)
Water and Sewage Works Terms – Eng./Afr. (SA Akademie 1967)
Technical Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Terblanche 2003)
Dictionary for the Health Sciences – Eng./Afr. (Lochner & Brink 2011)
Verklarende Biologiewoordeboek (Webb, De Villiers & Du Toit 1983)
Dictionary of Oceanology – Eng./Afr. (Lutjeharms 2004)
Botanical Dictionary (SA Akademie 1972)
Geologiese en verwante terme – Afr./Eng. (SA Akademie 1953)
SA Music Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (SA Akademie 2000)
Radio-TV-Theatre-Film Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (SA Akademie 1999)
Police Dictionary – Eng./Afr. (Du Toit 1994)
Filatelieterme – Afr./Eng. (Filatelistevereniging & SA Akademie 1977)
Brug-woordelys – Eng./Afr. explanatory (Dorfling 2003)
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