About us

PharosOnline is a collection of online general and subject dictionaries. It offers a one-stop reference for anyone who wants to communicate effectively in English, Afrikaans and other languages. This collection includes a large variety of technical dictionaries and is continually expanded as new titles become available.

Pharos has its own team of lexicographers who are regularly developing new products in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of South African dictionary users.


What we offer

PharosOnline offers subscriptions to single users, multiple users, schools and tertiary institutions. Single users can choose from three packages, namely general dictionaries, subject dictionaries and a combined package consisting of both general and subject dictionaries. The package for multiple users and tertiary institutions includes both general and subject dictionaries. The schools package gives learners access to dictionaries which focus on their daily language needs. The Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreëls is now available as an add-on to any dictionary package or as a standalone subscription.

If you would like to read more about our products and view our list of dictionaries, please visit our products page. Or if you are ready to subscribe, you can navigate to our subscriptions page.

Features of PharosOnline dictionaries
Data is indexed so that words are found easily
Search words are marked in the results for easy reference
Search results are arranged according to frequency

Our help documentation

Our Help Documentation contains Frequently Asked Questions. There you can find out about the following topics:

• How to use the dictionaries on PharosOnline
• Accounts
• Subscriptions

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